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Retirement Party Invitation Wording Examples - Invitation Box You wake up in the morning With nothing to do How you’re going to fill your day You haven’t a clue By the time you’ve had a leisurely breakfast Your energy starts to sap Before lunch the chances are You’ll find the time to fit in a nap At lunch, avoid drinking coffee That’s far too soon You don’t want it keeping you awake All the afternoon Get some fresh air Go into the garden for a bit Busy yourself Having a nice long sit When you’re thoroughly worn out With all that fresh air Take yourself back indoors To your favorite armchair Where you can have a good contemplate About ways to get thinner But try to fit in 40 winks Just ahead of dinner Then relax in the evening Trying to understand How you only managed to get done Half the things you‘d planned Never mind, don’t bother yourself With any regret or sorrow You’ve got plenty of time to fail To do it all again tomorrow Jon Bratton © 2009© Retirement is a time For feeling glad to be alive, A time when friendships blossom And enthusiasms thrive. Send your friend or family member off to the land or retirement leisure with retirement party invitations from Below you will find examples of wording for retirement invitations. RETIREMENT PARTY INVITATION WORDING After years of hard work and dedication It’s time to take a permanent vacation Please join us to celebrate Jim Eller’s Retirement Wednesday, June 19, 2018 p.m. Maggiano’s Little Italy 124 North West Street Durham, North Carolina Hosted by US Bank.

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Retirement Invitation Wording Template and Guidelines. Retirement: It's nice to get out of the rat race, but you have to learn to get along with less cheese. Make sure all of your retirement party invitation basics are covered by checking off each of the following Date/Time Make sure to give all invitees enough time reschedule plans so they can make the party. If it’s a difficult to reach area. Reason for Party Make it clear from the.

<b>Retirement</b> Party <b>Invitation</b> Wording Examples - <b>Invitation</b> Box
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<i>Retirement</i> <i>Invitation</i> Wording Template and Guidelines.
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Sample <i>Invitation</i> Letter for a <i>Retirement</i> Party

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