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<strong>Fragile</strong> X <strong>syndrome</strong> - Genetics Home Reference - NIH

Fragile X syndrome - Genetics Home Reference - NIH Usually, males are more severely affected by this disorder than females. Fragile X syndrome is inherited in an X-linked dominant pattern. A condition is considered X-linked if the mutated gene that causes the disorder is located on the X chromosome, one of the two sex chromosomes.

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<i>Fragile</i> X <i>Syndrome</i> <i>Research</i> Activities and Scientific Advances NICHD.

Fragile X Syndrome Research Activities and Scientific Advances NICHD. Most males with may also have anxiety and hyperactive behavior such as fidgeting or impulsive actions. The NIH Fragile X Research Coordinating Group, led by the NICHD, includes nine Institutes with research interests in different aspects of Fragile X or its associated disorders. Several years ago the Group consulted with outside experts and then in 2008 published a long-term agenda for FMR1 research.

<strong>Fragile</strong> X <strong>Syndrome</strong> <strong>Research</strong> <strong>Paper</strong> -

Fragile X Syndrome Research Paper - They may have attention deficit disorder (ADD), which includes an impaired ability to maintain attention and difficulty focusing on specific tasks. Excerpt from Research Paper Fragile X syndrome also called Martin -- Bell syndrome, or Escalante's syndrome is the most common single cause of mental retardation and the second most common inherited form of mental retardation, affecting approximately 1 in 1000 males and 1 in 2000 females Sadock & Sadock, 2007.

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