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Feature Article Template Because you can only write about cafeteria food once before questioning whether you shouldn’t chuck aside journalism and go into sales, here is a list of 40 places to start your search for the next great news or feature story that doesn’t involve mystery meat. A feature article is a news story that covers a topic deeply. Features are not daily news reporting. They often have a “human interest” angle. They are the big picture stories behind the news. Choosing Topics Features are about what’s going on right now trends, fashions, big issues. Topics should matter. Look for local stories.

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Tips for Finding Story Ideas - Prof KRG A feature story is an essay written by a journalist or news reporter on varied subjects of human interest. It happens every week in staff meeting. The student editor asks the staff of 10-15 other editors, reporters and photographers what story ideas they have for the week and the room goes silent eyes diverted, crickets chirping are the only sound–quiet.

Article Ideas For College Students It can be a profile of someone or about some event. For most college students, classes have either already started or are getting ready to start within the next week or two. With that in mind, everyone is now going to be scrambling to study for their next exam, to finish that four to five-page paper, or hanging out with friends on a Friday night-this means that the fact that you have an article due during the week stray to the back of your mind.

Short Story Examples It can also be about your pet, favorite food or dresses and so on. Writing a short story is like an encapsulated novel focused on one main character. It is an artform on its own, and one needs to practice writing many of them to get a handle on the form. Reading our samples of short stories will also help you a great deal.

Exercise 4 Ideas for Campus Features When writing a good feature story, it require certain basic and special skills to make it appealing and generally persuasive. Read or watch different kinds of features and stories. INSTRUCTIONS Here are 15 ideas for feature stories that you can write on your campus. Develop a central point for each story and a list of sources. Then interview students affected by the issues as well as authoritative sources. Interview at least five faulty members who have written textbooks.

Writing Solution Feature story ideas for college students. Reading and observing can help you understand the nuances of presenting your ideas clearly and concisely. Feature story ideas for college students - Participants seemed to suggest names of paintings for you or me feature story ideas for college students to begin with y, the smaller means have district, been taken up and was announced sullivan was stepping down after just two fields of education, training and instruction theory, research and behavioral sciences.

Great News & Feature Story Ideas The Vermont Student. Study the language, ideas, presentation and the wrap-up patterns of various feature stories. Be sure about the purpose of writing the feature story. Because you can only write about cafeteria food once before questioning whether you shouldn't chuck aside journalism and go into sales, here is a list of 40 places to start your search for the next great news or feature story that doesn't involve mystery meat.

Feature Stories Archive Campus & Student Life It can be for dissemination of information, appreciation and instructional. Feature Stories Archive. Archives. Students receive funding to turn unique ideas into reality. College students share cultural adventures through photo, video.

Feature Story Ideas for a College Newspaper Sarah Lea Stories Learn how to distinguish one from the other Visualize the reaction of your reader. Feature Story Ideas for a College Newspaper February 4, 2017 December 28, 2019 / Sarah Lea Stories I’ve been the Features Editor for a couple of months at my local community college newspaper; what I love about the Features section is that those stories don’t have a hard expiration date.

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